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Welcome to the Hyena Den

The Indy-Hio Hyenas Team is made up of college age gymnasts based in Indiana and Ohio. As of June 1st, 2024 we will be a full member of GymAct


Indiana and Ohio have some of the top Universities in the country. You can pick your school/major or occupation that best works for you. We know that there is life after gymnastics, so where you go to school is by far one of the most important decision you can make.  Choose any school in Indiana, Ohio or surrounding areas that will set you up for a successful career while still competing in the sport you love. We have athletes at Purdue, Indiana, University of Cincinnati, Ball State, and Ohio State. Some of these athletes hope to continue competing at an NCAA program, and we will help them get there.  Once you choose the school, you can work out at the clubs nearby and attend monthly workouts with the entire team. Currently we have athletes training at Queen City Gymnastics, Deveaus, Purdue, Ohio State and Indiana Gymnasts. We offer flexibility while still competing in one of the top programs in the country.

Want to Help?

Traveling across the country competing is expensive, you can help us.

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